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Alright, I got you. This is not about me being a spy like James Bond or some guy in espionage. But what I am about to tell you is something closely similar to it: particularly my life as a full-time copywriter and a blogger. I often get asked this question by my friends: how do you find time for blogging and meeting my JOs? Between job orders, deadlines, and event invites, how do I make it?

True enough, juggling blogging and a day job is not easy or possible even! That’s the life that I am currently living in. If you want to start living it too, these will help you. Read up on five tips on how you can also become a double-agent.

  1. Do you really want this?
    First of all, nobody forced me to start a blog. Initially, I started The Little Binger to have a portfolio to show in my job applications as a copywriter. After all, I have to be able to show my writing projects if I want to grab a writing job. In 2016, I signed up on and wrote about my recent hike. At the time, I had no clear vision for my small project yet. Taking it seriously was nowhere near my plan…then!I started asking myself what type of blogger would I want to become. Do I want to write about my emotions and keep it purely personal? Or do I want to be tapped by brands yet keep it personal? I picked the latter. So, for my succeeding articles, I tapped my passion for writing inspirations- film and TV. I churned out movie reviews after movie reviews. Little did I know that it will blossom into something great. A PR company soon reached out to me and invited me to advanced and press screenings of movies.

    Krispy Kreme Production Team | The Little Binger
    One thing that I learned in advertising agency is you have to be flexible. Your role is more than just what you signed up for.

    From then on, I embodied my binging habit as my name and brand: The Little Binger.

  2. Build a Brand
    It leads me to my second tip. Identify yourself. There are thousands of bloggers out there! If you want to stand out, create your identity. Do not be just another blogger. Look into your inner passion- fashion, food, travel, art. Believe me. You will want to focus on things you are comfortable with. This way, creating your blog posts will not feel like a task. Words will flow smoothly.

    IMAX_SMCinema featured my quick review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi during the VIP Advance Screening.
    IMAX_SMCinema featured my quick review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi during the VIP Advance Screening.

    With that said, do not be afraid to also step out of your comfort zone from time to time. If you are writing about movies and an opportunity arises, write about lifestyle. Try to add some variety in your content but keep in mind what your major niche is. The last thing that you want to do is to confuse your readers (I’m going to get a bit technical here…) and your site’s SEO!

  3. Value Connections
    Blogging in the country is a budding community with the right mix of veterans and young ones. Learn from the veterans and bond with the younger ones. In other words: create connections! It would not hurt to make blogger friends. I am not sure if I am the only who have noticed this but most of the bloggers that I met are easy to be with. In my 2 years in blogging, I have attended several meet-up events such as Blogapalooza, Blogopolis, and Connect 2018 where bloggers can simply hangout, have fun, and create connections with both bloggers and brands.

    Also, it would not hurt to meet fellow bloggers in events. It takes away the loneliness and ensures that somebody will take Instagram-worthy shots of you. #Priorities

  4. Never Burn a Bridge
    There will come a time when your works will be recognized. Aside from the gratifying feeling of constantly having visitors to your page, PR companies will also start acknowledging you. This might start with them sending you press releases to inviting you to their events. Chances are they will also be sending you gifts. But hey, quick tip: don’t let material things motivate you. If you let this be your driving force for blogging, you might end up losing your credibility.

    Instead, work on keeping a strong connection with your PR contacts or friends! How do I do it? I keep things mutual. For example, I received a press release for one of their brands. What I would do is I will try my best to accommodate it. Of course, you don’t have to force it. If it does not fit your brand, let them know. They will understand it. If they invited you to their event, be friendly to them. You know what? These are just common courtesies, to be honest. Basically, it is just a matter of give and take.

  5. Enjoy the Journey
    Fine, this sounds cliché but it’s true. Blogging should be treated as a hobby. It should remain fun BUT meaningful. Stay true to who you are. Do not force yourself to be someone else. Readers are wary about the authenticity of writers because their writing reflects this. Got a writer’s block? No problem. Nobody is forcing you to finish a blog post (unless of course you recently attended an event because timeliness is your goal here). Otherwise, manage your pace.

There you go. These are some tips on how I handle being a double-agent. My day job as a copywriter can already be demanding at times, especially when tight deadlines come in. I look at my blog as an extension of who I am. An outlet. I hope this inspires you to start blogging as well! If you got questions, my inbox and comments section are open!

Start writing, Bingers! Start living a double-agent life.


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