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iOS 15.4 Now Let's You Unlock Your iPhone with a Mask On

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For the past two years since the pandemic broke out, it has been an essential (and even a must) for us to go out with a mask on. While that is reasonable for health purposes, it is also honestly an issue for us iPhone users. I particularly loved the ease of unlocking my phone with the Face ID but it’s just not possible with a mask on. Now, with the latest iOS 15.4 update, it is now possible to unlock our phones even while wearing a mask in public. Here’s how:

Apple announced the update on March 8 during a press release, along with the new green-colored iPhone 13. And now, the iOS 15.4 is available for download and it comes with the following features:

Apple iOS 15.4 features:

  • a new Siri voice option
  • expanded language support for Visual Lookup
  • new Emojis
  • Face ID while wearing mask

While this update is nothing major, I particularly love and most excited for the Face ID while wearing mask. Especially now that we are more free to be in public. We no longer have to manually enter the passcode which can be annoying at times because who likes typing a six-digit code when you can just look at your phone to unlock it, right?

Testing the new Face ID feature

With this being said, I immediately updated my phone to try the new feature. To do so, go to Settings > General > Software Update. After installing the update, your phone will immediately assist you in setting up a new Face ID profile with a mask on.
It really is that easy! Have you tried it yet? Caveat tho, this is only so far for iPhone 12 and up.

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