Start a Healthier 2018 at SunLife Resolution Run

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I am not the type to create New Year’s Resolutions. Most of the time I just go with the flow and be with whatever life throws at me. Hell, I do not even take time to sit down, look at the things that has gone right or wrong in the previous years. Not that I am a disorganized person, it’s just that I live for spontaneity.

However, one part of me that I value most is my health and I promised myself that I will have a Boracay-ready body come July, since I booked a seat last December during Cebu Pacific Air’s Piso Sale. To meet my goal, I started keto diet and became more active in my workouts. I do lift, do circuit, HIIT, and lift weights but running is honestly not my thing. Until one weekend, my friend from ABC Digital invited me to join his event, Sun Life PH’s Resolution Run.

SunLife Resolution Run is the second half of the SunPiology event. The run is made more special and fun with different playlists blasting music from the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s to energize the runners. Adding extra challenges are pit stops with obstacle courses inspired by diabetes prevention through a Fit and Well lifestyle.

Runners of all ages joined #SunLifeResolutionRun
Runners of all ages joined #SunLifeResolutionRun

To promote an overall healthy lifestyle, Sun Life opened the running competition to all ages. Even kids can join the run. Runners had the choice to run 3K, 5K, or 10K while kids joined the 500M Walk. As someone who is not really into running, I challenged myself to do the 5K run. To my surprise, it was not that hard. I arrived at Camp Aguinaldo 3 mins after the 5K runstarted. Lo and behold, I rushed myself to changing into my running kit and catch-up with the rest of the participants.

The Little Binger is a 5K Finisher at #SunLifeResolutionRun
The Little Binger is a 5K Finisher at #SunLifeResolutionRun

It was a windy afternoon, making the weather perfect for the event. The communal vibe of the event inspired me to run more, on top of my regular fitness routine. Have I mentioned, Piolo Pascual and his son Inigo Pascual ran with the participants along with the other Star Magic artists? I am pretty sure that seeing their idols alone inspired some of the runners to catch-up with them. As for me, I was trailing behind but I met Piolo Pascual when he was about to head to the finish line while I was reaching the mid-point of my track.

My running time according to Runrio is about an hour. Not bad for someone who has not trained at all. SunLife Resolution Run inspired me to start running more to achieve my goal of having a healthier lifestyle this 2018.

Do you run, Bingers? 🙂



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