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Your Guide to Making the Most of 2018: #BestMeEver

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How do you intend to start the year? Are you going to be more physically active this 2018? Do you plan to travel more? We create New Year’s resolutions every year. That does not mean, however, that we have to make drastic changes to ourselves. We can just continue what we have been doing last year and instead work on improving ourselves. Be the better version of yourself. Be your #BestMeEver.

There is no better way to open the year than having my fill of inspiration. Last week, I attended the launch of Myke Celis’ 2nd book- #BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities at Max’s Restaurant in Quezon City. In an intimate event attended by few select bloggers, Myke eagerly shared his life story-happy and challenging ones- that fueled his passion to write his second book.

Of Challenges and Success

After a quick introduction, Myke opened up to us about his life experiences- the good and the bad- and how he managed to turn it all into successful books. One notable experience that stuck with me was the betrayal of a friend. It resonated with me not because I have been betrayed by a friend but because I put value in friendship. Not only that, he endured a series of misfortunes. Some people would have given up on life and quit entirely but Myke mustered up the courage to endure it, stand up, and turn those challenges into success.

Myke Celis sharing us what inspired him to write #BestMeEver
Myke Celis sharing us what inspired him to write #BestMeEver

That’s the type of mindset that I am striving for. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes there are hurdles that we have to jump over into in order to achieve something greater. #BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities is in no way a religious book, as Myke cleared it himself. It is rather a self-help book which provides insights and inspirational words that will help anyone who are in need of some extra push.

The Author

To my surprise, Myke and I came from the same industry. He used to be in advertising as an executive for a multinational company. A graduate of UP Diliman- College of Mass Communications, he now pursues what his heart desires. Aside from running his advertising, events, and casting company – PerCX, he is also a part-owner of The Hair Lounge and Smell Chic. During the brief time that we had with him at the launch, he showed the real him- open and authentic. The persona that he presents on social media and his books are true and positive. He shared that when he has the time, he travels to various places and basically just spread positivity.

Have your fill of inspiration in Myke Celis' #BestMeEver
Have your fill of inspiration in Myke Celis’ #BestMeEver

#BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities might just be what we all need to start the year right. It will be challenging at times, for sure, but there is no problem that cannot be solved as long as we keep a positive mind about it. Don’t fret about our failures and stop blaming ourselves. After all, it is all about things that happen for a reason and the possibilities they bring along with them.

#BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities is now available in bookstores nationwide for only P150!





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