4 Reasons To Watch Geostorm

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Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, Geostorm comes barging in leaving me craving for more! There have been countless catastrophic movies in the past and Geostorm brings in more pumped sequences and crazy ways of destroying cities. Read up on four reasons not to miss this film.

Nature at its worst

The story is set in the near future where climate conditions are extreme- cyclones wreak more damage and drought lasts longer. Humanity is facing its greatest foe yet and we are helpless. On hindsight, it is pretty similar to real life. The unsettling similarity of the situation and its likeliness of happening in the real world is terrifying. Capturing that is one remarkable thing about the film- tackling global climate without getting too preachy.

The Dutchman

For every problem is a corresponding solution. In the film, the leaders of the world united to build an intricate network of satellites that will give them full control over the destructive global climate. Jake Lawson (Butler) lead the creation of the system which was later taken over by his brother Max (Sturgess). This fueled a deep-seated sibling rivalry between the two. After a series of malfunctions in the system, they had to work together to not only save it but to also save the world. Which leads us to…

Geostorm Movie Review
Winter in the desert! | Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Political Conspiracy

With every catastrophic movie comes a political play. Geostorm had its own political drama. I would not speak much about it not to give out the plot but it was one reveal that I, and I know that many in the audiences, saw coming from miles away. It was meant to be surprising but it left me wanting for a bigger reveal instead. From that moment on, I started accepting that great storytelling is not what the film was going after but action and spectacle.

Action and Spectacle

True enough, films in this genre are not made with the intention of becoming the next Blade Runner or The Godfather. They are after delivering a wickedly crazy visual experience. And in that department, did Geostorm deliver! Also, the film is shown in several formats: 2D, 3D, IMAX, and 4D.

Warner Bros Pictures hosted the advanced screening in 4DX in Greenbelt. It was only the second time I experienced it and it still lefet me at awe. It had smoke, wind, chair motion, and lights which emphasized what the normal 3D movie and even, IMAX (which I am a huge fan of, by the way) would normally give.

Daniel Wu in Geostorm.
Daniel Wu in Geostorm. | Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Geostorm is a film that is aware of its limitations yet pushed more out of it. There is nothing particularly special about its message and narrative but it clearly had fun in destroying cities around the globe. After all, it’s not everyday that you will see eggs getting fried on the road, or a frozen airplane falling out of the sky! It is from start to finish a fun movie experience that requires not much from the audiences but to enjoy the ride.

Director: Dean Devlin 
Cast: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, and Ed Harris
Binge-level: 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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