The Greatest Showman review The Little Binger

5 Reasons To Fall in Love With The Greatest Showman

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Every few years or so, we see a memorable musical film. Recently, the most successful ones that I enjoyed binging on are La La Land and Les Miserables. This year, 20th Century Fox gives us, Bingers, a musical film that will not only want us to sing our heart out, dance, but also be inspired! I attended the advanced screening of the film last January 15 at Uptown Mall Cinemas and I fell in love with the movie. With that said, here are five things that you will love about The Greatest Showman! #GreatestShowmanPH

  1. The Stellar Cast
    It is no surprise that I am a huge geek- movie and comics! I am sure that we all grew up watching this iconic comic character. Yes, I am talking about Hugh Jackman. Last year, he closed the door for his most famous role Wolverine in Logan. It was about time he returns to his roots, theatre! In The Greatest Showman, Jackman plays P.T. Barnum, an American pop culture icon. Joining him are Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, High School Musical-alumnus Zac Efron, and Zendaya! The great cast showcased their vocal and dancing prowess in memorable performances throughout the movie!

    The Greatest Showman review The Little Binger
    Music and spectacle at The Greatest Showman | Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox
  2. Sing Your Heart Out!
    There should be a warning for everyone who will see the movie. No one’s getting out without an earworm. The Greatest Showman has a perfect soundtrack. Visually, the film is a set piece but the music is contemporary. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who are known for their work on Dear Evan Hansen, penned the songs for the movie. This Is Me may just be the most famous from the soundtrack but the rest of the album is just as awesome!
  3. High School Musical?
    Millennial loved Zac Efron first in Disney’s High School Musical where he played a high school jock who, well, sings! In the film, however, he plays a reluctant part-owner who developed an attraction to the circus’s trapeze performer, Anne Wheeler. The star-crossed lovers fought their families and society for their feelings for each other. The film gave their story the spotlight with a song that exudes love and charm, Rewrite The Stars. Get ready to swoon over this scene where Zac and Zendaya sang their parts while performing trapeze.

    The Greatest Showman review The Little Binger
    Zendaya and Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman | Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox
  4. Fresh Talent
    Look out ’cause here she comes! True enough, The Greatest Showman already boasts a stellar and award-winning cast. But a fresh talent stood out for me! Keala Settle, playing the bearded woman, Lettie Lutz, stun me with her strong vocals! In the movie version of This Is Me, she expressed her vulnerability which increased the emotional impact of the song by tenfold!
  5. Of Dreams and Inspirations
    The Greatest Showman is based on the life of P.T. Barnum but debuting director Michael Gracey said that it is not a biopic. Still, Barnum’s rags-to-riches tale sparked a fire in the heart of anyone who dreams and aspires to achieve greatness despite the odds. His business lived on making money out of peoples’ oddities but he made it by not making fun of them. It empowered them instead, making them realize that it is okay to be different and that one must even embrace his oddity.

    The Greatest Showman review The Little Binger
    Michelle WIlliams and Hugh Jackman star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “The Greatest Showman.” | Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

The Greatest Showman is a film oozing with spectacle, music, and outstanding choreography. It reminds us that nothing is impossible as long as we work towards achieving it. It is beautiful, spectacular, and a celebration of humanity.

Director: Michael Gracey
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya
Binge-level: 5 out of 5 stars

Make sure to catch it when it comes out in theatres on January 31, Bingers!
This 20th Century Fox feature film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


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