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Evil Dead Rise: Delicious. Bloody. Groovy

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It has been awhile since I saw a horror movie that stuck with me for days. I don’t easily get scared nor easily enjoy a horror movie but god damn, Evil Dead Rise, is exactly what I needed to break that dry spell. Lee Cronin’s take on the Sam Raimi franchise is a delicious bloody fest and I AM SO OBSESSED WITH IT! Does it live up to its predecessors? Are the deadites as fun here as with the other movies? Will it make you scream, “GROOVY!”? Well, read up, here is my review of Evil Dead Rise.

The Drama and the Horror of Evil Dead Rise

Any fans of the Evil Dead franchise would be skeptical with the latest movie in the series. After all, the first three and the 2013 sequel all did really good jobs in bringing in a campy yet crazy scary fun! That I believe was the challenge that Cronin had in mind in making this movie. The opening scene set the tone right on the spot. It did not hold back on blood and gore and the creeps were over the top! AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THE OPENING CREDITS. I wish I am just hyping it up but it was crazy good!

evil dead rise
Evil Dead Rise: Delicious. Bloody. Groovy

Of course, a good movie has to have the right flow of pace and has to have tis highs and lows. After the cold open, we were introduced to the protagonists- a family living in an old nearly abandoned apartment building. Things were going as normal until one of the kids unearthed the Necronomicon and brought the evil into their lives. Soon after things have gone awry and their lives took a deep dive into chaos.

Call her “MOTHER!” Evil Dead Rise

The main antagonist or main evil took possession of the mother (perfectly played by Alyssa Sutherland). Sutherland’s created a sharp distinction between her possessed and non-possessed character was chef’s kiss. You’ll fall for her one moment and you’d wanna run away from her next second. Maggot Mommy was terrifying and Cronin and Sutherland obviously had fun playing with this character. The way the character terrorised her family was such a delight to watch.

Despite the camp, Evil Dead Rise put touches of art of filmmaking in it. I particularly loved a lot of camera movements that emphasized the scenes they were used in and amplified the performances of the cast. And of course, a horror movie is just as good as its music/ sound and nothing bad can be said for this one. The music perfectly setup the tension and the tone of the movie.

evil dead rise
Evil Dead Rise: Delicious. Bloody. Groovy

One could say that I was just hyping up the movie but what can I say? I seriously had a great time watching Evil Dead Rise. It is a film that should be experienced in a crowd-packed cinema. Enjoy the camp, flinch at the gore, and suit up for one hell of a ride!

Evil Dead Rise is an easy 10 for me. It is deliciously bloody and a must for horror fans!

Evil Dead Rise will open on MAY 10 exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide. It is released in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Philippines.


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