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ELVIS - Live the Life of Rock and Glamour

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Whenever we say Rock and Roll, there is only one person that comes to mind- Elvis Presley. And it should. He wouldn’t be dubbed as the King of Rock and Roll for nothing. From his stunning looks to his swoon-worthy voice, Elvis Presley is worthy of his title! And now in 2022, Baz Luhrmann directs a musical-biopic that explores his life and his rough story with his long-time manager Colonel Tom Parker. In a film that is nothing but short of spectacle, here is my review of ELVIS.

The Vision of ELVIS

Baz Luhrmann, the director behind classics such as Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby is know for his vision and stunning filmmaking. Spectacle is his signature and incredible sequences that truly speaks of a visionary. So, there is no other man perfect to direct a biopic based on the life of Elvis Presley. The first taste of his vision comes with the casting of Austin Butler as THE KING and Tom Hanks as Col. Parker. This two cast members alone are able to carry the whole film with the gravitas of their performances.

Personally, as someone whose only exposure to Elvis Presley is through the music my dad plays every Sunday, I was hooked to the movie. The way the film nicely incorporated creative choices and integrated with facts. The biopic could have easily took the boredom train but the performances and how the plot turned out made up for a gripping ride.

Feel the music of ELVIS

From a musical standpoint, ELVIS is on a hundred! From the Elvis classics to contemporary arrangements, and even electrifying blues music- there is no doubt that the film’s soundtrack should be a must for every collectors. The musical choices in the film elevates the enjoyment factor of the movie. While I have a limited knowledge of music, I gotta say that this became my gateway to listen more to the king!

ELVIS is a grand spectacle of a movie! Baz Luhrmann proves he is still the master when it comes to this genre. Not to be left behind my grandness of it all is a tight and gripping narrative backed by incredible performances from Austin Butler and Tom Hanks! Tens across the board! Fans and non-fans should make ELVIS a must-see, if not for Elvis Presley, be it for the art of the movie!

Warner Bros. Pictures’ ELVIS is now showing in cinemas nationwide!


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