How I Renewed My Driver's License in One Hour in 2022

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In the Philippines, there are lots of valid IDs one should have the moment they reach 18. Among those are Postal ID, Passport, and Driver’s License. I have had my Driver’s License since I was 17 as a Student License and upgraded it to Non-Professional the moment I reached 18, and because I drive our private vehicle. For many, the whole process may sound exhausting because of the old process. But not anymore! I was able to renew my Driver’s License with a 10-yr validity in less than an hour. Here’s how!

Luckily now, renewing a Driver’s License will no longer require long waiting time at the LTO office. You can kickstart the process at the comfort of your home and that’s what I did because, NOBODY’S GOT TIME FOR THAT! Disclaimer: these are from my experiences so not everything can apply to yours. And that I have no violation under their record.

  1. Register at the LTMS Online Portal.
    LTO has now adapted with time and took transactions online. On the portal, you can easily see your records, set an appointment, or review and take an exam!
  2. Before you can set an appointment for a Driver’s License Renewal, you must pass first the CDE exam and get at least a score of 50% and secure a Medical exam.
  3. Schedule a Medical Exam with an accredited center.
  4. After passing the exam, set an appointment.
  5. Go to Licensing and choose your transaction, which in this case is Renewal.
  6. Look for an LTO office near you and select the best date for you and settle fees online. I did with Unionbank but there are options for GCash and Maya as well.
  7. Once settled, don’t forget to bring a printed copy of your receipt and appointment.
  8. On the day of your appointment, arrive at least 15 mins before the schedule at your chosen LTO branch.
  9. Wait to be called for a quick biometric scan (fingerprint and photos). This took me about 10 minutes.
  10. Receive your new Driver’s License!

Isn’t that easy? It took me less than an hour of waiting at the LTO Office in Muntinlupa during this whole process. Now that’s the definition of convenient. And by the way, here is the breakdown of my expenses:

  • Medical Exam. P 500
  • Renewal Fee P 585
  • Convenience Fee P 65

Hope this helps you in your upcoming Driver’s License Renewal! Drive safely and responsibly!


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