Filipinos have a special affinity for food, we are naturally bingers! This is must be the reason buffets and restaurants offering unlimited food are popping up everywhere! Not to mention the unbelievable increase in Korean barbecue restaurants or more commonly known as samgyupsal. Despite all these offerings, when asked to pick a place to indulge in, I would go to a buffet restaurant. There are lots of them in Metro Manila and each of them has a signature offering. My go-to place is the one in SM Southmall that has a wide array of Japanese food and roast meats. Recently, however, I have been invited by Chateaubriand to experience their food. And boy, I am telling you, this is not like the buffet places that I have tried in the past. Continue reading to know more! 

Feast Your Eyes and Tummy

When I arrived at the restaurant, I was expecting a typical blogging setup for restaurants where there are prepared food and activities for the invited bloggers. Apparently, I was wrong. It was rather an intimate and exclusive dining experience waiting for me that night. Upon entering the establishment, I let out a soft breath of excitement after seeing its pretty interiors. It just screamed fancy. A waiter assisted me right away and led me to my table. She shared that Chateaubriand is a multi-setup restaurant. The first floor is for the buffet, the outdoor is for an al fresco dining experience and occasional live performances, the second floor is for the bar and live concept kitchen

After a short introduction about the restaurant and their offerings, the server suggested I start off with the buffer before trying their specialty- churrasco. Fun fact: churrasco is a Brazilian style barbecue which uses various cuts of meat and herbs. Chateaubriand offers six types of meat varying from chicken to lamb. The buffet table is a feast for the hungry! Start slow with salad, elevate your appetite with some cheese and cold cuts, then binge on Japanese treats such as tempura and assorted sushi and sashimi. Personally, my eyes glowed when I saw a boat of tuna and salmon sashimi. 

The Churrasco Experience

If there is one item from the menu that will make Chateaubriand stand out among its competitors, it is their churrasco. No other buffet restaurant that I have tried is offering this yet. Being served was an intimate experience. Each guest will be given a circular tab or coin. The two-colored coin will the indicator should be want to served with churrasco: red for no, and green for yes. For my first serving, the server brought a stick of grilled lamb. As part of the experience, the meat will be carved at your table and you will have to assist the server in getting your meat. Additionally, an array of gravy and sauces will come with it. As practice, mint jam is perfect for lamb while chimichurri goes well with poultry. After digging into these goodness, it is just right to down it all down with a glass of wine. Luckily, Chateaubriand houses various types of wine that goes with your appetite. 

No buffet experience is complete without a visit or two to the desserts place. Sweet tooth are up for a treat because the restaurant has a wide variety of desserts to choose from. Go healthy with fresh slices of fruits or be sinful with goodies dipped in their chocolate fountain. Here’s a tip: don’t miss their creme brulee and choco-coated profiteroles. 

There you have it, Bingers. For your next binging adventure, make sure to check out Chateaubriand. Have a dining experience that is both a feast for the eyes and your tummy. Drop by 110 William St. Corner Roxas Blvd. Brgy 13 Zone 4 District I Pasay City, NCR near DFA. 

The Little Binger enjoys his Chateaubriand experience.
The Little Binger enjoys his Chateaubriand experience.


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