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Cerebrew: A Haven For Students and Freelancers

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As a copywriter by day and a blogger by night (and even day, sometimes), creative block is no joke! It is as real as it gets! There are days when I just run out of inspiration to get the creative juice flowing. Lots of factors cause it and one sure thing is the working environment. I am stuck on most days inside our office while crafting ideas for my brands. I am not gonna lie, it gets draining at times! There are days when I just want to get out of the office and head to a park, coffee shop, or a co-working space. Co-working spaces are in abundance in Makati. As a wandering millennial, I don’t mind going to places. Maginhawa gets on top of my head when I get the urge to head north and the best thing about it is there is now a haven for us creatives- Cerebrew!

Not Your Ordinary Co-Working Space

I tried several co-working spaces in Makati and Ortigas since I always go around the metro with my laptop. For when that creativity strikes, I know I can put it all down. Most of them have their unique features unli coffee, high-speed WiFi, and cozy interiors. Cerebrew stands out among the rest because of the young vibe! Having located in Maginhawa, there is no doubt that it targets the university students around the area but it also welcomes freelancers!

Cerebrew Maginhawa
If only pretty walls could talk. | Cerebrew Maginhawa

The bright-orange-lit interior of the cafe is a sure-fire way to ignite creativity and get the customers focused on their task. There are long tables, bean bags, and high chairs comfort for everyone is on top of their priority. I particularly like the spot by the wall with the nicely-arranged frames. The minimalism of the design is not just pretty to look at but is also inspiring.

Great Service, Reasonable Price

Cerebrew is all about experience. I was told by the owner during my visit that they want to provide their customers a place that is conducive to learning and working without them having to shell out tons of money. Needless to say that I knew I had to return to this place when I learned that they are only charging P300 per customer for the whole day or P60 per hour. With this, they get access to fast and reliable Fibr internet which reaches up to 120 mbps! The coffee-lover in me loved that we can also enjoy bottomless brewed coffee with that. Non-coffee drinkers can also get lemonade or hot tea served at them! That’s right, you’ll no longer have to stand and get it for yourself, just focus on what you are doing.

Do you know that napping sparks creativity as well? Cerebrew understands this which is why they have a napping service wherein customers can ask the staff to wake them up at a certain time. This I have yet to try but it sounds really cool. For full effect, power-up with food! This cafe also serves comfort food- from fries to matcha latte! They also have breakfast meals, sandwiches, and milkshakes.

A Co-Working Space For All

It’s not just students and freelancers that are welcome in Cerebrew. Groups can also come here to have their meetings or events. The cafe has a conference room which I geeked out on upon seeing it! It can accommodate up to 8 persons. For just P200 per hour for the room and P50 per head per hour, customers can use the room’s 40-inch smart TV and frosted glass writing board.

If the room is not enough for your group, you can also rent out the whole place for P4000 per hour for a maximum of 30 persons.

Cerebrew is not your ordinary co-working space. It has cozy ambience, cool interiors, nice service, and great coffee! It may be a bit far from me who comes all the way from Makati but hey I don’t mind heading out north to experience this. After all, traveling is another inspiration fuel!

Drop by Cerebrew at 3F 80 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Quezon City. They are open from 2PM to 2AM!

See you when I see you, Bingers!

Cerebew the little binger
See you, Bingers!


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