Sweat it Out like a star in Celebrity Fitness

Sweat It Out Like a Superstar in Celebrity Fitness

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Bingers, who among you here are also committed to their fitness journeys like I am? Do you also frequent the gym at least 5-6 times a week and do various routines every single day? Despite the variations, it can get exhausting too, right? Or is it just me? Well, since my routine is mainly circuit and bodyweights, I sometimes feel like I need to do something new. Well, guess what. A new gym recently opened here in Metro Manila and I can’t wait to try their classes! Bingers, meet the new star in town- Celebrity Fitness!

Working Out is a Party

Celebrity Fitness puts the fun in sweating it out. This one-of-a-kind fitness concept will make every workout session feel like a party. As for me who hits the club every weekend, integrating that scene to my fitness routine is a very welcome concept. Let’s admit it, Bingers. Manila is bustling with gyms and fitness centers- each of them has their own identity or flavor that caters to the city’s fitness and wellness advocates. Celebrity Fitness is a refreshing take because it is for the fun loving, dynamic fitness buffs- like I am!

The fitness chain that originated in Indonesia housed their first center at the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street Mall in BGC! In here, enrolees and trainees are not just who they are, they are called Superstars and StarMakers, respectively! So, now that we all know that working out can now be a party in Celebrity Fitness, let’s get down to the things that matter most- their programs!

Program for the Stars

What’s your workout routine, Bingers? Do you dance? Do you lift? Is yoga your thing? Well, whether you are into continuing your current routine or trying out a new one to spice up your sessions, Celebrity Fitness has various programs you can choose from. Here they are:

Celebrity Floating Yoga
Defy gravity and test your flexibility as you practice to the next level! These 50-minute classes will have you hopping into a suspended hammock while elevating your workout as you master mid-air inversions. Each class will be a fusion of yoga, pilates, and functional movements. Are you up for a challenge? I know you are!

  • Ashtanga Yoga
    Test yourself with intense and challenging poses that will not only make you sweat but will also improve your circulation. Now that’s toning and detoxifying in one! Try this and leave the gym feeling light and strong.
  • Basic Yoga
    Let’s go back to the basics. These workouts will focus on building and strengthening the fundamentals of the practice. It will also help you master the are of realignment and purposeful engagement.
  • Vinyasa Yoga
    Stress down like a star with this program. Learn techniques that synchronises breath and movement. Calm your mind down and refocus your thoughts.

    Rebel against ordinary workouts and amp up your performance with Celebrity Fitness’ functional programs in its well-equipped Playground.
    Rebel against ordinary workouts and amp up your performance with Celebrity Fitness’ functional
    programs in its well-equipped Playground.

Celebrity Dance Academy
Dance like a star. Learn different dance styles, techniques, and variations from professional dancers!

  • Core Motion
    Bring out the Ariana and Carly Rae because getting those sexy abs while dancing to Top 40 tunes is what you will experience in this class!
  • DNA Insanity
    Experience an extreme mix of fitness and the hottest dance club moves while the latest Top 40 songs are being blasted. Think of it as a clubbing pre-game.
  • DNA Seduce
    Dim the lights and drop by for a steamy, sexy, and sweaty session of DNA seduce. I bet you’ll be left wanting for more, Bingers! Dance to sensual R&B hits while moving with burlesque-inspired turns.
  • DNA Flavor
    Ay caramba! Get fiercely exotic with the Latin-inspired classes. Get sizzling and sassy as you dance to salsa, mambo, meringue, flamenco, tango, and cha-cha.
    Enter the hood, Bingers. Sweat to hip hop beats and rap!
  • Zumba
    This is not just your tita lessons, Bingers. Dance to a fusion of Latin and the latest chart toppers. This is going to be fun!

    Get your body grooving to the hippest beats with the various Group Fitness classes held in the trendy main studio.
    Get your body grooving to the hippest beats with the various Group Fitness classes held in the trendy
    main studio.

Celebrity Fast Fit
If you are familiar with HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, you would know how great these workouts are! On my recovery days or when I cannot hit the gym to lift, this is what I do. Celebrity Fitness also has this as part of their classes. This will increase your muscle endurance and stamina. Excited to try it?

  • Playground
    Forget working out solo! In these 30-minute group classes, members will learn knew exercises and be encouraged to train at their own levels.
  • Saltar
    Personally, this is what I am most excited to try! Working out with trampolines? I’m sold!
  • Strong by Zumba
    Are you ready to level-up your Zumba? With Strong by Zumba, you can! Burn some calories while dancing to some sick beats. The best part is it will also let you sculpt that core!

Boxers and kickboxers, like I am on weekends, can also enroll in Fight Do classes. Meanwhile, if lifting weights is your routine, Power is for you. The gym does not only elevate working out but also came in prepared with different types of classes to fit everyone’s needs!

Packages and Membership Options to Becoming a Star

Whether you are planning on enrolling in Celebrity Fitness for a long-time or just wanna test it out, there are different packages to suit your need. Here they are:

  • Celebrity (12 months)- P 2,595/ month
  • Star (6 months)- P2,750/ month
  • Fame (monthly, no commitment!)- P2,900/ month

There you have it, Bingers! Who’s excited to try sweating out like a star in Celebrity Fitness! I know I am! I will be starting in December and I’ll keep you posted about my experience!  Let’s get sweaty, Bingers!

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Celebrity Fitness
One Bonifacio High Street
Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 11 PM; Saturdays and Sunday: 8 AM to 10 PM
For more info or free trial, check out celebrityfitness.com.ph


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