REVIEW: Ballet Manila Presents Snow White

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A large chunk of my childhood at home was spent watching Disney classics such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Snow White. The latter is one of my favorites because of the magic in its story and the tale of good triumphing over evil. Its multidimensional characters also hooked me to the story. With that said, it is no surprise that I am more than stoked when I received an invite from Ballet Manila to attend the world premiere of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s Snow White. 

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iflix Produces First Stand-up Comedy Series, "Hoy! Bibig Mo."

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Don’t you just wish you could watch a hilarious stand-up comedy at home, or at the bus while stuck in traffic? Well, wish no more because iflix, the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets will premiere the exhilarating and no-holds-barred comedy series, Hoy! Bibig mo on December 1. Binge all you want and laugh your heart out on that day because all eight episodes will be available for download exclusively on iflixHoy! Bibig mo is iflix’s first original production in the Philippines and is hosted by comedy icon and internet superstar, Ramon Bautista.

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Disney•Pixar's Coco Hits Too Close to Home

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We all loved Disney•Pixar movies for their outstanding storytelling, groundbreaking plots, and incredible animation. Every movie is great on its own. Who would have thought that a movie about talking marine animals could be a hit or a house filled with balloons can make us sob? Apparently, for the animation company, the sky is the limit. Nothing can stop them, not even death. This is proven true in their latest film Coco, based on the Mexican tradition Dia de las Muertos or Day of the Dead.

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5 Burning Questions from Stranger Things 2

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Loads of 80’s pop culture references, a small town conspiracy, and awesome story. Netflix definitely hit the jackpot in 2016 with its original series, Stranger Things. It grew a huge fanbase when it came out last year and it was a no-brainer that a sequel is very much warranted. In 2017, the Duffer Brothers brought back the gang and took the audiences to another adventure at the small town of Hawkins.

Netflix PH invited me to be among the very first in the country to enjoy Stranger Things season 2 weeks prior to its release. To say that I am a huge fan of the series is an understatement and to have this privilege was extra special! Upon receiving an access to the episodes, I binge-watched the season in 2 Days. Yes, slow for a nine-episode season but hey, I have a day job! With that said, here are the 5 burning questions that I had after watching Stranger Things 2.

(Beware: spoilers are up ahead. )

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Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok Brings a New Brand of Humor

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Marvel movies are a hit among fans for a number of reasons: the overarching stories, the character, and its humor. These films are the true definition of a comic book movie: fun. From Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy, different directors put their own flavor to their films while still keeping the fun vibe of each. For the third outing of the Norse god, Kiwi director Taika Waititi brings in a new brand of humor in Thor: Ragnarok. Read more about Thor: Ragnarok Brings a New Brand of Humor