Bingers, I don’t know about you but I have always looked for that one fun film post-Endgame! Sure, there are several exciting upcoming ones such as Godzilla 2 and It: Chapter 2. But they are still a few weeks/months away. I needed something good right away. Well, it seems like I have found one and from an unlikely movie, if I may add. Bingers, I fell in love with Brightburn and I will tell you why!

This may not be a new piece of information but if there is one movie genre that I am obsessed with, it is horror. I mean, the genre is a complete package. There’s drama, comedy, thrill, and of course screams! It is hard to come by a good horror movie because I have developed some sort of a criteria for it. Surprisingly, Brightburn falls under the category of good horror movies! Columbia Pictures invited us, The Little Binger, at the special screening of Brightburn for the press at their office’s private theatre.

brightburn the little binger
Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) | Credit: Columbia Pictures

Honestly, I was only half-excited at the time despite the noteworthy trailer for the movie. The trailer reminded me so much of Christopher Nolan’s Man of Steel. It started with a dramatic montage of a rural household then we see a kid wearing a cape. Sounds familiar? Yep! That’s what they are gunning for. Initially, I thought that the movie is going to be a satire of the superhero movie. Apparently, I was wrong. And that was one of the very rare instances that I am glad to have been proven wrong.

Basically, take the Superman origin but add a twist of “What if?” What if Clark Kent was raised poorly? Or how about him instead of saving the world, his goal is world domination? What if his passion for humanity is instead replaced with rage? Exciting, isn’t it? This originality is what hooked me in. Brandon Bryer (Jackson A. Dunn) was setup at the start as a goody-two-shoes kid. Until one night, the spaceship that brought him to earth called him in. Things started going downhill from it.

Brightburn | The Little Binger |
Mrs. Breyer (Elizabeth Banks) in Screen Gems’ BRIGHTBURN. | Credit: Columbia Pictures

The setup was pretty much simple. There is a couple who can’t conceive then adopted a kid from a spaceship that landed on their property. They then raised it as their own in the suburban location of Brightburn. The bleakness of the setting was the perfect canvas for the grimness of the film that was waiting to be uncovered at the latter part of it.

Peppered with some dark humor and gruesome sequences, Brightburn is reminiscent of the old B-movies. Campy. Despite not taking itself seriously, the movie did not compromise a good storytelling. It did, in fact, deliver a compelling narrative about the descent of a child’s mindset. The corruption of the titular kid’s innocence played out nicely on screen and did not feel forced at all. Somehow, the movie felt inspired by the 2012 movie Chronicle.

Director: David Yarovesky
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn
Binge-level: 4 out of 5 stars

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