Black Mirror Bandersnatch | The Little Binger | Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch- Choose Your Adventure, Find Your Ending

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Alright, Bingers. If you have been living under the rock. Netflix just released a Black Mirror event. This year, the tech-thriller series released a movie that got everybody talking. In Bandersnatchviewers will have the power to decide in which the main character will go. From things as simple as breakfast options to life-changing decisions, viewers will experience a viewing experience as if they are playing Sims. Exciting? Hell yes! I watched Bandersnatch on our smart TV the moment it dropped on the streaming service and I have never been this mindblown. If you are loosely familiar with choose-your-own-adventure books, there are several endings waiting to be discovered and the movie is following the same thread. So for completionists like I am, we got the map for the twists and turns of Bandersnatch! 

Black Mirror Bandersnatch | The Little Binger | Credit: Netflix
Black Mirror Bandersnatch | The Little Binger | Credit: Netflix

Aside from it being the first interactive movie EVER, another reason Bandersnatch got everybody talking is because of its ending…or endings. People, including I, were confused whether we found the proper conclusion to the story. As to not spoil your experience if you have yet to see the film, throughout the movie, there will be moments where you will be asked to decide for the main character, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead). Each decision will have corresponding consequences, very much like in real life. And with every path we open, we are being led to different endings. Finding the right one, whether there is one is the fun part. Yet if you are watching it with limited time, patience, or emotional capacity, worry not, make sure to catch the flowchart after the jump. And yes, there are FIVE possible endings.  WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

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