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New Year, New Look With the Best Mega Tuna Yet!

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Bingers, the first quarter of 2020 is almost over but how are we faring with our New Year’s Resolutions? Are we seeing any progress or are we taking some time to get into it? Well, no matter what your pace is, it’s okay! No pressure. At your own pace. But you know what, I shared with you at the start of the year that I want to be more serious with my fitness journey. And I am! I still regularly go to the gym, keep an active lifestyle, and most of all complement my hardwork with good diet. Alright, good diet means taking out fastfood and processed food as much as I can. Luckily, my favorite tuna brand is now more enhance- not just in its packaging but also in its tuna goodness. Bingers, know more about the best Mega Tuna yet!

Mega Tuna knows it market too well- us, the health conscious. That is why they improved their already good products. Last February 22 at the Activity Center in Glorietta, Mega Tuna held Mega Move. It was an exciting afternoon of heart-pumping and adrenaline-boosting exercise, activity, and fun! It was fitness party! When I received the invite for the party, I was told to be in my athleisure. That piqued my interest because rarely does it become the attire for an event. To much of my excitement, it was because we will get the chance to join a Pound class.

Do The Pound in Mega Move

If you are not familiar with Pound class, it is dance class set to work the whole buddy. It consist mostly of thumping as if you are playing the drums. All of these movements will be danced along to the pop hits! I discovered this class a few months ago in Anytime Fitness and never missed a class since! During Mega Move, we were invited to join the Pound class. Us bloggers, influencers, and even guests joined in the fun!

Of course, every workout should end with a good meal. We burned and we must refuel. Different dishes featuring the meaty Mega Tuna were served at the event. One of my most favorite, and I told I am going to try one weekend at home, is the pasta dish featuring Spanish Mega Tuna. It was so simple yet so tasty! To provide us with other recipes and tips where we can incorporate tuna, guest Celebrity Chef JP Anglo had a demo on stage!

Pure Tuna Goodness of Mega

I know for sure that I am going to add more of this into my diet. As a matter of fact, I have been. But my recipe has been repetitive by just using it in a sandwich. I am going to try them soon in other dishes and I’d love to share them with you. Better keep an eye out for it! There are many ways for me to use it because Mega Tuna comes in four variants- Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Spanish Style, and Sweet and Spicy. So, what is your favorite Mega Tuna variant, Bingers? Share them in the comments with #OurBestMegaTunaYet and #MakeTheMegaMove!

The Best Mega Tuna Yet | The Little Binger | Credit: Mega Tuna
The Best Mega Tuna Yet | The Little Binger | Credit: Mega Tuna

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