Who else is excited for Christmas? I know I am! I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with this season- parties, food, booze, lights, 13th month pay, and the whole festive feel? But let’s be real, no matter how much we love this season, there are factors that will transform us to the Grinch. On top of my head are the crowd in malls and traffic on the road! Are you ready with your gifts? Are you that type of tita who does her Christmas shopping in October? If not, then you can do all of it online via Lazada!

Hassle-Free Gift Shopping

If you are like me who despises the EDSA traffic and the overcrowded malls this month, you’ve probably thought of letting the holiday pass before you give your friends and loved ones their gifts. Honestly, I even thought about not giving them any. But hey, this is the season of giving and a little effort does go a long way. So, to help you out, check out some of the gift ideas that will make you the best bestfriend this Christmas!


  1. For the health-buff

    We all have that one friend who keeps track of the food he eats and his calorie intake for the day. Unfortunately, it is not easy if you are a working millennial who has no luxury of preparing his own meal. Be that friend who supports his lifestyle choices! Give him a Lunchbox Diet voucher.

  2. For the sleek and dapper

    Are you dashing gentleman of the group? Or someone else is? Gift them with a voucher that will help them keep their killer looks! With this P500 voucher from Felipe and Sons, they can get the haircut, styling, and shave that will keep them groomed to kill.

  3. For the stressed one

    Name a friend who is always on edge! We all have that, don’t we? Ease your friend’s stress with yoga. Share them this opportunity to relax and be one with their mind and body. I am sure they will love your Beyond Yoga P2000 Cash Voucher!

  4. For the pet-lover

    We all love cats or dogs but there will always be that one friend who goes crazy for them! Support their craziness and overflowing love for pets when you give them a P2000 cash voucher from Bow House! They can get here goodies for their pets!

  5. For the foodie

    Come on, after all the gift-giving, you also gotta learn how to reward yourself! For a self-proclaimed foodie like me, this voucher from Chelsea’s Kitchen would be a perfect one. Enjoy their tasty food in a pretty setting. You’ll love it!

Christmas’ Next Top Bestfriend

Convenient and hassle-free, right? The traffic on the road will keep your cool. Now you will have enough energy for parties this Christmas! My Christmas gift list is complete and yours should too!  Get these for your friends and you should be on your way to becoming this holiday’s best bestfriend! 

And by the way, Lazada is having an Online Revolution starting tomorrow. Be sure not to miss this because prices will be slashed!

Shop away, Bingers!


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