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Balay Hilom Spa: Your Oasis in the City

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I never missed a day in the gym. I always travel from Laguna to Makati for work. I endure the Metro Manila traffic attending one event to another. I can say that I am a hardworking and that it is impossible for me not to be stressed both physically, mentally, and emotionally! Sometimes, I can’t help but feel that I need to give myself a reward. And when I reward myself, my options usually boil down to either eating out at a restaurant, partying the night away at a club, or travelling. The thing is these can cost a lot. There is an alternative to these and that is self-care. So, when I do self-care, I either get a new hairstyle or get a massage! I love a good massage! I have tried plenty massage spas in the metro and I recently experienced one that I will go back to. Bingers, here’s our experience in Balay Hilom Spa! 

Balay Hilom Spa is this humble massage spa in Quezon City, right across Ateneo de Manila University. I know, I hail all the way from Makati but I braved the EDSA traffic to go there one afternoon to accompany my friend who discovered it. The adventurer that I am never says “no” to new things anyway. So, when we arrived at the spa, it was as if we entered a portal- a portal to the province! The sound of running water created this sense of illusion that I am by the riverside in the province. The aesthetic of the lobby completed the illusion with this nipa hut-looking waiting area.

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Escape The Metro

While we were waiting for our turn to be massaged, the staff welcomed us with a cup of tea. It was sweet and had a hint of tanglad and pandan. It was refreshing and I honestly would have asked for more. As soon as I finished my cup, two therapists attended to us with a basin of warm water. We soaked our feet and it and they scrubbed it for us. After the cleansing, my friend and I were directed to two separate rooms. The rooms were cozy and dim lit. On our visit then, we chose their Hilot Balay Hilom and requested for a hard massage.

Oil started dripping down my body and the one-hour session began. Each stroke eased away the accumulated stress in my body and few minutes later, I found myself dozing off to sleep! The masseuse obviously had fun stroking the “lamig” at my back because I felt each one of them pop! Balay Hilom Spa’s Hilot is a relaxing experience. It successfully flushed away my stress and brought me to zen in an hour. There was a sense of caress in each stroke which was highly distinguishable from the intense Thai massage that I experienced in Bangkok.

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I am definitely treating myself again in Balay Hilom Spa next time I get around the area. When you find the need to escape the metro and find your zen, drop by here!

Rates at Balay Hilom Spa

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Balay Hilom Spa

FBR Arcade
Quezon City, Philippines

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