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Happy Independence Day, Bingers! So, what are your plans this long weekend? Catching up on sleep? Binging a TV series? Or joining a mananita? How about we revisit history? Yes, that’s right! In line with the occasion, Ayala Museum is making VR: Emergence of The Nation available on YouTube from June 12 to June 19! Curious and excited? Well, before you put your VR glasses on, read below for the details!

Revisit History Through Ayala Museum VR

As a regular visitor of Ayala Museum when they were still open before the renovations, I always loved their diorama section. It is an interesting way of looking back at history. The intricate designs of the characters and the set always amazed me. Walking through its halls felt like walking through time. It is pretty obvious that it is my favorite part of the museum. So, at around 2018, when the museum had a call for casting for volunteers for their upcoming VR film, I signed up!

I was just an extra as a Katipunero but nevertheless it was a fun experience. Also, who would not want to be a part of a great historic material? By the way, did you know that this was just the expansion? This expansion brings four static scenes from the Ayala Museum dioramas to life that charted the course of Philippine History: the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the Tejeros Convention, the Trial and Execution of Andres Bonifacio, and the the Declaration of Philippine Independence; all leading towards the birth of the Filipino nation. 

LOOK: Ayala Museum VR: Emergence of The Nation To Be On YouTube Starting on June 12 | The Little Binger
LOOK: Ayala Museum VR: Emergence of The Nation To Be On YouTube Starting on June 12 | The Little Binger

Renowned historian Prof. Ambeth Ocampo was once again brought on as the main consultant for the VR expansion. So, starting tomorrow, you too can journey back in time, revisit our roots as a country, and take our lessons from it. The Diorama Virtual Reality Experience: Emergence of the Filipino Nation will be on YouTube from June 12 to June 19! 

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