allhome ultimate summer blowout

4 Tips To Get the Most out Of AllHome Ultimate Summer Blowout

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For being stuck at home for almost two years, don’t you think it’s about time we do some revenge shopping? You know, to make up for those days we were not able to be outside for leisure. I, for one, know that I will be having my revenge trip in the next few months. And yes, I just had some revenge shopping this weekend! I dropped by AllHome and coincidentally, they were having an Ultimate Summer Blowout where items were discounted up to 80% off! Wanna know more? Read up and I’ll also give you some tips on how to make the most out of your shopping: 

Last Saturday, I visited one of the newest branches of AllHome- the one at WCC along Shaw Boulevard. It was my first time at the branch as I was used to visiting the one in Starmall and Vista Mall Sta.Rosa. The two-storey store houses, practically, anything you’ll need for home improvement and furnishing. My friend tagged along with me and we were overwhelmed! So, avoid the same situation with these: 

  1. Dress comfortably
    This is the top thing I remember whenever me and my family plan to spend a weekend afternoon at AllHome. I mean, the warehouse is HUGE and there are plenty to choose from. I enjoy walking and I do that a lot whenever I drop by AllHome. One moment I am checking out appliances and the next thing I know I’m at the lamp display. Again, dress comfortably but it would not hurt to be at your OOTD. I made it work and so should you!

    allhome ultimate summer blowout
  2. Know what you need
    Have I said that if you are going in with no purchase in mind, you’ll be lost? Yep! While it is fun to just do window shopping, it would be great to at least have a mental list of what you need to replace at home. Or if you are an impulsive buyer who decides to buy a fridge right there and then, that’s cool too! 
    allhome ultimate summer blowout
  1. Keep in mind the budget
    What is revenge shopping if we are gonna limit ourselves, right? But seriously, the moment you enter AllHome, you’d feel obliged to get a cart and put whatever you see interesting inside. To avoid this, plan ahead and set a certain amount of budget you’d spend at the store. As for me, since I haven’t been going out a lot lately, I ensure that my budget for that shopping alone would be satisfying yet smart. Hey, don’t worry! Especially now that AllHome is having an Ultimate Summer Blowout, you can get the most out of your budget because the prices are slashed off!
    allhome ultimate summer blowout
  2. Think outside the box
    As I have been saying, it’s best to plan ahead your trip at AllHome. But let me contradict myself for a moment, it would also be fun to think outside the box and go spontaneous! I mean, if the purpose of your visit is to grab a bucket of paint, why don’t you walk at the kitchen equipment aisle? Who knows maybe cooking really is your calling? I should know! One time I visited AllHome for a lightbulb then on my way to the section, I passed by the gardening section. Next thing I know, I was filling my cart with pots and seeds. 

What I am saying is, you deserve this shopping spree! The AllHome Ultimate Summer Blowout will run until APRIL 17! You still have a week to fill your house with new decorations or give its much needed renovation and upgrade! Unbelievable discounts of up to 80% are available and a lot of quality items such as the AllHome-exclusive brand, Garrett, appliances are on Buy 1 Take 1! Head on to your nearest AllHome branch now! 

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