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5 Tips for New Content Creators

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NEWS FLASH, BINGERS! We are still on lockdown. For the past 100 days, we are just stuck at home and even got accustomed to our daily lives because of the COVID pandemic. Between cancelled plans and extreme boredom, we have no other choice but to spend our days inside our houses for our safety. With the great abundance of time, our problem now is how to make the most out of it. Others resorted to starting a garden, playing games, binging movies and TV shows, working out, and creating content! Let’s talk about the last part. So, you have your phone and your social media accounts and thought “this is a great time to be a content creator.” To that I say, “Welcome!” But do you know where to start? Well, let me share with you some tips on how to be a content creator!

It was June of 2016 when The Little Binger was born. It was just a few days after my birthday and I was on leave so I created my site to express my thoughts. I never planned on being who I am now. I initially wanted to be a blogger to create a writing portfolio for my job hunting (which helped me land my first advertising job, by the way). Being the content creator that I am now was not part of my plan but I am glad that I am one now. So, do you wanna be a content creator yourself? Here are my 5 tips!

5 Tips for New Content Creators

  1. Find your reason. 
    First off, you want to be a content creator. And now, answer this: “Why?” Why do you want to join us? Why do you want to create content? Do you have insights or experiences you want to share to people? Do you want to be recognized? Or do you simply want to monetize your content and receive freebies from brands and sponsors. Alright, I am going to be painfully honest with you guys. If you are in it only for the freebies and perks, back out now. Yes, that is a very cheap way of looking at it. If your motivation is going to be fueled by gifts then most often than not, you will just be another noise in the ever growing world of content creation. As I have said in my talk during iBlog 14 back in 2018, “Content creators must always create content that matters!”

  2. Have the passion for it.
    In relation to my first point, if you were able to answer the “Why”, then it must be easy moving forward. To be a content creator, you must always have the passion for reaching to people- your audience! Content creation really is a fun gig. You’ll get to meet a lot of people, work with different brands, and grow your knowledge! If you know your niche, this should be a breeze moving forward. And if you have the passion for what you are doing, then this should not feel like a job! Remember, if you are passionate about what you are doing, the quality of your output will always be there!
  3. Be real.
    As content creators, we must keep in mind that we are talking to people. Always think about your audience BUT do not think of them as your audience. As for me, as you may see from my writing, I write as if I talk to a friend. That’s what people likes- being talked to in a normal way. They like real people and ones they can relate to. And yes, people have a great sense for bullshit. Again, just be transparent and real! Stop forcing a personality.

    Be real! | 5 Tips for New Content Creators | The Little Binger
    Be real! | 5 Tips for New Content Creators | The Little Binger
  4. Grow your connections.
    Okay, you now know your niche and you started creating content. Congratulations! You are on your way there. However, you should still remember that blogging and content creation relies largely on connections. If you are still starting out, tap on your family and friends to support your new project. Invite them to like your page, follow you on social media, subscribe on your channel, and read your content. But beyond that, you should also know who to talk to to spread the word about your succeeding content. Join blogging groups for one. After this pandemic is over and events resume (given you are already getting invites), talk to as many people as you can! Trust me, we are reallllllly friendly! And yes, be ready for LOTS of photos.

  5. Get the right tool.
    Lastly, with every successful content is a great set of tools and apps. Different content creators use different apps and sites. As for me, here are my basics: WordPress for my domain, Mochahost for my hosting, Canva for my images, Adobe Lightroom for my photos, and Kinemaster for my vlogs. If you want to be a content creator you have to be present in as many social media platforms as you can such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

I hope this helps you, guys! After this COVID pandemic, I am hoping to see you in future events and take lots of photos for the ‘Gram! Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  • Kinda lost in the digital world with what I truly want to do si these are really insightful. I truly agree withe the why and passion coz things won’t last if you’re really not into a thing. And I like plenty of things thus, my dilemma lol need to focus

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  • I’m glad you pointed out that if aspiring content creators are only in it for the the freebies then they should back out now. It’s sad that many people are only after the perks. They don’t realize being content creators entail a lot of hard work. And also there’s a sense of responsibility in every content you publish. Research must be done and all the nitty gritty stuff haha. Anyway, hope to meet you someday! I love talking all things blogging with others! Lol!

  • Sadly, I know some who are in it for the freebies only and get frustrated when they don’t get what others receive from brands. 🙁

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