5 Things You Should Prepare for Generation D!

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It’s the time of the year again for bloggers and influencers to meet up with their fellow bloggers, favorite online personalities, and brands! I will be attending Blogapalooza for the second time this year. What am I most excited about? Making connections and meeting new blogger friends. Are you ready for this weekend’s event? Check this post for five things that you should prepare for this weekend’s Generation D!


  1. Energy and Personality

    Generation D is an all-day event filled with talks, activities, and connection-making. It is a no-brainer to say that attendees should have enough energy and personality to last the day. Meet new friends and possible collaborators, that’s what this day is for. Create lasting and positive first impressions!

    I obviously enjoyed visiting booths last year
    I obviously enjoyed visiting booths last year.
  2. Calling Cards

    Now that we are at it, there is no better way of meeting brands and collaborators than exchanging calling cards. Of course, a casual hi-hello could work but calling cards are the professional way of making it. Making one does not require intense graphic design knowledge, you can even create one on Canva and have it printed and cut at a printing shop.

    Don't forget to bring your calling cards!
    Don’t forget to bring your calling cards!

  3. Food and Drinks

    Last year at Novotel Cubao, lots of food stalls filled our tummy. This year, I think it will still be the same case in City of Dreams Manila but a good blogger is always prepared, right? Bring some snacks and a bottle of drinks. You’ll never know when you will need one.

    You'll have fun too!
    You’ll have fun too!

  4. Camera, Notepad, and Pen

    Aside from exciting activities, the day will also have a line-up of talks about different blogging topics. These speakers are known in this field for a reason. Learn from them, take notes, record it on video, you’ll never know when this information may come handy on your own blog! Also, bring a fully-charged power bank because you’ll be taking lots of photos on that day, as I did last year!

    Horizons 2.0
    Horizons 2.0
  5. Bring extra tote bags

    If you are the competitive type, brands will be running different types of games where you can get awesome prizes. Get ready for loot bags and goodies!

    I made my own doughnut, mom!
    I made my own doughnut, mom!

    So, that’s it! Have these items checked off your list and you should be good for Generation D! Also, if you haven’t signed up yet for the event, now is your last chance! Register now!


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