Hey, Bingers! Christmas is just around the corner, in fact, we are now two months into the holidays because as you know, Christmas starts in the country as soon as the calendar hits the Ber months. As soon as the Halloween is over, malls will be decorated with Christmas lights, giant Christmas trees, and suddenly we will be filled with the holiday spirit. Somehow, a Grinch-like force will come over us in the form of horrible traffic and overcrowded malls. We cannot just let the holidays past and skip giving gifts to our friends. But hey, no worries! I recently found a solution to that. We can still show our different types of friends that we think of them without stressing ourselves out by braving the packed malls! Bingers, meet GC Regalo!


The Christmas Lights are On! | Christmas Town at SM Southmall
The Christmas Lights are On! | Christmas Town at SM Southmall

The thing about us, millennials, is we are very diverse. There are titos and titas, travellers, fashionistas, geeks, and foodies! Coming up with a list of best Christmas gift idea for my friends tested my patience in the past few years. I had a lot of consideration like, “Is he going to like this?” “Is this going to fit her?” But now, everything is so much easier! So, let’s break them down!


  1. Titos and Titas 
    Let’s admit it, we have friends who have reached tito-hood and tita-hood way earlier than us! They are the type who would rather stay at home and down a bottle of wine than go out on a weekend to party. Their taste is more defined, mature, and domesticated. Kitchen equipment such as pans and utensils would definitely be lovely. I have a friend who is into growing plants and creating DIY fixtures. Let’s just say that these friends collect DIY-home project boards on Pinterest. Their visits to malls will not be complete without dropping by ACE Hardware, Homeplus, or Our Home!

    Art for peace sketching workshop buku-buku kafe sm southmall
    Sketch and paint. Titos and Titas would love some DIY Project!


  2. Travellers
    Who among our friends does not enjoy travelling? Honestly, I do! Being a millennial is all about wandering and exploring what the world has to offer. We are the type who would stay up all night during seat sales just to book our next flight at really low prices. And when the travel date comes, the most primary concern is the accommodation. Be a good friend this Christmas and make their next travel an easier experience. Give them a Sodexo Premium Pass which they can use in selected partner hotels!

    We all have that traveller friend whose weekends are always spent at the beach!
    We all have that traveller friend whose weekends are always spent at the beach!


  3. Fashionistas
    I like to believe that this is most of us. We are the kids of Instagram. Each day is a struggle to come up with a look that will form our #OOTD. As nice as it is to receive a shirt or any piece of clothing on Christmas, there are instances when we have to humbly accept the gift and hide it in our closets because it is not our style or it does not fit. I should know, this happened to me a lot of times already! How do we avoid this problem? Let our friends pick their style instead! Sodexo Gift Certificate and SM Gift Certificates are widely accepted in different establishments such as The SM Store, Levi’s, Bench, and Uniqlo! No more wasted gifts!

    #KeepACoolHead Head&Shoulders
    Attending events is more fun with fashionista blogger friends.


  4. Geeks
    Alright, Bingers. This is my not-so-subtle hint of what I would love to receive this Christmas. We, geeks, love our pop culture- movies, tech, and even toys. Of course, we all belong to a specific fandom- be it Marvel, DC, or even anime! And with that wide variation, I bet you will be having a difficult time picking a specific item that would be a great gift for your geek friend. Here’s the thing, why don’t we make it a little easier? Do you know that SM Gift Certificates can be used in IMAX Theatre and Toy Kingdom?Meanwhile, the Sodexo Gift Certificate is accepted in tech shops such as Beyond the Box and Digital Walker!

    The Little Binger is that geek friend.
    The Little Binger is that geek friend.


  5. Foodie
    Everybody loves food but we all have that one friend who has a special affinity with food. There are days when you’d be surprised with their new recipe or a dish that they tried out of a YouTube tutorial. Well, guess what? GC Regalo still got you covered! Give them a Rustan’s Supermarket Gift Certificate or a Walter Mart Gift Pass and join them at the groceries. Or if you are feeling fancy, you can also send them a Robinsons Basket Galore Gift Pass. You decide.

    The Little Binger enjoys his Chateaubriand experience.
    The Little Binger enjoys his Chateaubriand experience.

See? Gift giving can still be a fun experience! We love the holidays but not the hassle of the overcrowded malls and the intense traffic going in and out of the malls. With just a few taps on your phone or laptop, you can now show your love for your different types of millennial friends. Go try GC Regalo now, Bingers, then let me know about your experience!



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5 Best Gift Ideas for Different Millennials

  1. Gift certificates are also cool gifts coz it is good as cash. Another is sending e-gift certs like GCASH or Paymaya or Paypal money.

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