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5 Possible Luke Skywalker Moments We Can Expect in the WandaVision Finale

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Bingers, if you haven’t yet, the geek world is overturned every Friday for the past 7 weeks because of WandaVision. The 9-episode series streaming exclusively on Disney+ is an addition to the upcoming phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With that being said, expectations are high because the series has been fresh and original so far, especially with its sitcom format. Twists and surprises happened and we can’t help but expect for a Mandalorian Season 2-like finale with a surprise appearance.

So, we listed down below the possible MCU characters (new and upcoming) that MIGHT make a Luke Skywalker moment in the finale 2 weeks from now. You should’ve known by now that this is a spoiler-heavy post. 🙂

  • Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
    It might just be us giving too much into it but when Monica Rambeau said that she knows an engineer who is into aerospace engineer, our ears rang! This could be someone she met before the blip and some character but as someone who knows that MCU and Feige don’t let these little details be dropped for nothing, we immediately speculated that it is going to be Reed Richards or Mr. Fantastic!
    Reed Richards in WandaVision? | The Little Binger | Credit: Marvel
    How likely? 3/5 Marvel recently acquired the rights for the Fantastic Four along with the X-Men, so we are keeping our hopes high.
  • Captain Marvel
    This one is pretty out there. Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers has a clear connection with Monica (now Photon). But this raises the question, what is her significance in WandaVision? To be honest, not much really. Sure, she could penetrate the Hex but Monica can fill this role now with her newly acquired powers.
    Watch Captain Marvel soar! | The Little Binger | Credit: Marvel Studios
    How likely? 3/5 But story-wise, it wouldn’t make that much sense.
  • Professor X
    Alright, this is another hopeful post. Comic readers know that WandaVision is greatly inspired by the comic series House of M. “But mutants are not even introduced in the MCU yet,” you might ask. Well, that’s true but here me out. How about a reverse House of M? Instead of the infamous “NO MORE MUTANTS” what if a circumstance in the finale triggered Wanda to utter “MUTANTS.”
    Professor X in WandaVision? | The Little Binger | Credit: Marvel
    How likely? 4/5 This would actually be a dope way of introducing Mutants into the universe. Plus introducing a new Professor X would break the internet, like how they brought Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in Episode 5.
  • Mephisto
    If you have been following the shows and been keen on reading fan theories after every episode, one name that never missed a mention is no other than Marvel’s devil, Mephisto. In House of M, Mephisto is the main villain to Wanda and triggered the reality-altering events of the arc. This happened after he took away her children. And after episode 7 of WandaVision, it is highly likely that he is going to be revealed as the mind manipulating things inside Wanda’s Hex.
    Mephisto in WandaVision? | The Little Binger | Credit: Marvel
    How likely? 5/5 In fact, if you looked closely during Agatha’s reveal in the recent episode, there was a fly-like insect on one of her capes. Comic readers know how Mephisto originated. So…
  • Doctor Strange
    This last one is the most expected, actually. I mean, the sequel to Doctor Strange, Multiverse of Madness is already in the works and it has been confirmed that it is going to be MCU’s first horror movie that includes, yep, Wanda. So, the assumption now is that the finale of WandaVision will lead to the events of Multiverse. But don’t get us wrong, a Doctor Strange appearance in the finale is definitely one to look out for. Just imagine the spectacle of their battle!
    Could Doctor Strange appear in WandaVision? | The Little Binger | Credit: Marvel Studios
    How likely? 5/5 Reality, time, and space-bending. Let’s go!

So, what do you think, Bingers? Did we make sense? Did you have the same hunch? Sound off in the comments below!

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