5 Burning Questions from Stranger Things 2

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Loads of 80’s pop culture references, a small town conspiracy, and awesome story. Netflix definitely hit the jackpot in 2016 with its original series, Stranger Things. It grew a huge fanbase when it came out last year and it was a no-brainer that a sequel is very much warranted. In 2017, the Duffer Brothers brought back the gang and took the audiences to another adventure at the small town of Hawkins.

Netflix PH invited me to be among the very first in the country to enjoy Stranger Things season 2 weeks prior to its release. To say that I am a huge fan of the series is an understatement and to have this privilege was extra special! Upon receiving an access to the episodes, I binge-watched the season in 2 Days. Yes, slow for a nine-episode season but hey, I have a day job! With that said, here are the 5 burning questions that I had after watching Stranger Things 2.

(Beware: spoilers are up ahead. )

  1. Where are the other 9?
    Back in season 1, the first time we learned Eleven’s name, we knew that she can’t be the only one. That’s the mystery that I have been wanting to be answered since. And in season 2, the pilot episode hinted at it with a woman tattooed ‘008.’ Kali showed her X-Men-type superpower by destroying a tunnel during an escape. If anything else,  that established that Eleven’s power is unique and that there could be more of them. Now that we are at it, I can’t help but wonder, where are the other special kids? Is Eleven the last of them or are there more of them?

    Eight and Eleven in Stranger Things 2, Netflix
    Eight and Eleven. | Photo Courtesy: Netflix
  2. Will Joyce Byers ever be happy?
    In season 1, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) broke our hearts as she searched for her son Will who got trapped in the Upside Down. Then comes the finale with a glimmer of hope but it did not last long. As fans, however, we would take even a tiny moment of seeing Joyce Byers happy than nothing. In the sequel, the Byers family is complete and Joyce may have finally found the right guy. Bob (Sean Astin) showed Joyce that she could still find love after all the bad things that happened to her. Well, it looks like that things will end up perfectly for the Byers family. Think again. As we inches toward the finale, Bob got mauled by demogorgons, leaving Joyce and us shocked. We should have known by now that good side characters don’t ever last long on this show! #Justice4Barb #Justice4Bob

    Sean Astin as Bob in Stranger Things 2. Netflix
    Sean Astin as Bob in Stranger Things 2. | Photo Courtesy: Netflix
  3. Where is Papa?
    During the season 1 finale, we see Dr. Brenner hit the wall. That left us wondering whether he is dead or alive. Staying true to the nature of the show, it was best for us to assume that he is dead. And in one episode of season 2, we saw Eleven taking revenge on the people who did her and her mother wrong, with Kali’s help. That gave us a clue that Papa is still alive when one man wagered a deal with Eleven for his life with Dr. Brenner’s whereabouts. Also, there were several glimpses of Papa. Was it all in the head? We’re gonna have to find out.

    Eleven from the Upside Down
    Eleven from the Upside Down | Photo Courtesy: Netflix
  4. What’s next for Billy?
    Season 2 introduced us to few new characters. Some of them added to the plot- be it expansion of the mystery or character development. Billy, aside from being Max’s abusive brother, contributed no substance to the story. People I’ve talked to say that he helped Steve’s character grow into something that we all love now but that’s hardly the case. And yes, it seems like Billy will hit it off with Mrs. Wheeler next season.

    The boys meet a new bully in town.
    The boys meet a new bully in town. | Photo Courtesy: Netflix
  5. Will Hawkins ever be safe?
    We are going to keep this quick: WHAT IS UP WITH THE FINALE?

So, those are our five burning questions from Stranger Things 2. What are yours? Comment them below and let’s talk about them!

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