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To The Top at the 4th Citi Vertical Run 2019

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Bingers, let me tell you one thing: I HATE running. Challenge me to do burpees, fine! Make me lift weights, go! But to have me run kilometers, that would be a challenge. Other forms of cardio would be fine but running is simply a big test of stamina. That’s why we should do it more! Running does wonders to our body. It enhances our breathing, our cardiovascular system, and strengthens our muscles! It is a complete package. But how about running vertically, are you up for it? You should! Check out the 4th Citi Vertical Run that’s happening on September 22, at Shangri-La at The Fort, in partnership with Kerry Sports! 

Now on its 4th year, Citi Vertical Run is setting up new heights for amateur and experienced runners alike! Forget about your usual tracks because on this run, runners will have to face the flights of stairs of Shangri-La at The Fort which, by the way, is one of the highest buildings in the metro, faring at 229.3 meters! 

Kerry Sports in Shangri-La at The Fort remains to be the home of the annual run which sees runners from all over the world join to test their strength and finish strong. If you are like me who is determined in challenging my strength and surpassing my past records then Citi Vertical Run should be the one for us! This is, in fact, an exciting event as both Citi, Kerry Sports, and Shangri-La at The Fort have great things in store for the said event! 

Pick Your Run

The 4th Citi Vertical Run is open to kids and adults! There are three levels for runners to choose from and they are as follows:

  • Fun Climb (P 1,200): This is perfect for beginners or non-runners who want to try the Vertical Run. In this category, runners will have to climb 20 floors! 
  • Horizon Challenge (P 1,200): How about a little more challenge? Run the height of 37 floors in this category. Reminder though, the minimum requirement is 12 yrs old. 
  • Full Challenge (P 1,500): Do you think you are strong enough to conquer 59 floors and take 1350 steps? If yes, then this is where you should be signing up, as long as you are 18yo! 
  • Team Challenge (P 6,000): Call three of your friends and take on this challenge! Take on 59 floors and test one another’s strength! 

How to Join

Now that you have decided a course, there are two ways to register for the Citi Vertical Run 2019 with Kerry Sports Manila: 

1. Go to www.manilaverticalrun.com/register and fill in the online registration form. 

2. Register over the counter with cash at Kerry Sports Manila in Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila. 

Deadline of registration is until September 8, 10 p.m.

Filipino record holder Andrico Mahilum- Citi Vertical Run 2019 with Kerry Sports Manila | The Little Binger
Filipino record holder Andrico Mahilum- Citi Vertical Run 2019 with Kerry Sports Manila | The Little Binger

During the launch, I talked to the current record holder for the male Filipino runner, Andrico Mahilum. Last year, he climbed up 59 floors in just 7:57 minutes! That is definitely a feat so I asked him how he has done it and how he prepared for it. He shared to me that regular running helps because it develops the strength and stamina. He added that during the run, proper breathing matters and do not forget to have fun! Sounds about right. 

So, shall we see one another on September 22, Bingers? 

For updates about the Citi Vertical Run 2019 with Kerry Sports Manila, follow Kerry Sports Manila on Facebook at facebook.com/KerrySportsManila and Instagram @KerrySportsManila. For inquiries, please call (632) 820 0888 or email kerrysportsmanila@shangri-la.com. You can also visit www.manilaverticalrun.com.

Kerry Sports Manila Vertical Run 2019 with Citi is in partnership with Life Fitness and De Los Santos Medical Center and media partners CNN Philippines, WheninManila.com, Spin.ph, and ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

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