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4 Tips To Survive in Metro Manila This GCQ

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SURVIVORS. READY! We finally reached the end of Enhanced Extreme Community Quarantine or EECQ in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It is now easier for us to go out, return to work, and do the essential tasks with lighter restrictions. But as we all know, no mass testing happened over the past two months and the curve is far from flattening. Hundreds of positive COVID cases are still recorded per day. We are torn between staying safe but stuck at home, and embracing the new normal and face the dangers of being outside. No matter what your choice is, there is no denying that the implementation of GCQ is going to be terrifying. So, let me share with you 4 tips to survive on the outside world this GCQ!

  1. Go cashless
    This is probably the easiest out of the four tips on this list. Even before COVID happened, many of us are already doing their transactions cashless either via an app or online banking. Personally, I have long fell in love with PayMaya and GCash. These apps are so convenient to use and are widely accepted in lots of stores nationwide. Now that the pandemic hit the country, I rely on these apps whenever my dad and I go out for our weekly grocery run. As for which app to use, it just depends on which one I get to load with. And yes, topping them up is so easy because you can connect your payroll or debit account and do it from there! Of course, not everything can rely on this such as the public transpo. We will still have to prepare some cash to pay for our fare and that is when we will have to be extra careful and sanitize every after touching our money!
  2. Stay healthy and active
    This is a no-brainer. If we want to stay healthy and protected on the outside world amid this pandemic, we have to sustain our body with the right nutrients and proper diet and exercise. Our immune system is our number one shield from the virus and no amount of quarantine, alcohol, or mask can protect us from illnesses if we have a compromised immune system. So to achieve this, we have to supply ourselves with balanced diet and regular exercise. If you are stuck at home like me and can’t hit the gym, you might want to check out these apps and sites for home workouts. Or do it with me!
  3. Keep distance
    Okay, going outside is inevitable. We have to report to work, do our essential tasks, or accomplish something. In other words, we cannot not go out of our houses. What can we do now to stay safe outside during the quarantine. Well, the best option is to keep distance from anyone. Our masks can protect us from airborne viruses but still it would be best to be sure, right? A little distance wouldn’t hurt. Introverts would have a great time doing this, I’m sure! lol
  4. Limit your stay outside
    For many of us, we have to go back to the office thus risking it on the outside world. It is scary, true, but staying at home is no longer an option. So, how can we  add an extra layer of protection? Limit our stay outside. Keep a straightforward route of home to office. It is sad and unusual but we always gotta protect ourselves, right?

Have I missed anything? Do you have more tips to add on how to be extra careful now that we are on GCQ? Sound off in the comments below, Bingers! Remember, stay safe!

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