4 Highlights of My AsiaPOP Comicon 2016 Experience

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It’s that time of the year again when geeks are at their geekiest. AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017 is happening later this month and lots of surprises and fun experiences are waiting for attendees.
Last year, I attended the event for the first time and enjoyed two days of geekiness. Cosplays, booths, and toys on displays filled the SMX Convention Hall in Mall of Asia. There were so many things to explore and two days were nearly not enough. On top of it, there were talks and celebrity guests for fans to indulge in. There is no doubt that I will be attending this year’s event but first, let’s take a look back at the four highlights of my APCC 2016 experience:

  1. Celebrity Guests

    Last year’s celebrity guests line-up had me stoked. X-Men star Nicholas Hoult shared some stories and gamely answered random (and crazy!) questions from fans. Also, Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt filled a function room full of fans during her segment. He may have been rowing for four seasons and finally landed on the Philippine shores- Gendry, I mean, Joe Dempsie of Game of Thrones and Skins sent ladies swooning over his looks. My most favorite, however, is the newcomer-then Millie Bobby-Brown of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. She charmed her way to people’s heart as Eleven in the series but she is as charming in person! I even had the chance to have a photo op with her!

    As for this year’s line-up, two names are dropped: Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) and Ray Fisher (Justice League). Personally, I am hoping for a Sebastian Stan announcement.

  2. Exhibits

    I am no toy collector but being surrounded by toys and toys for boys brought out the kid in me. It was amazing seeing toy enthusiasts be passionate about their collections. A part of me wanted to start collecting toys but I just could not put myself in such commitment which is why enjoying them in events such as this one is enough for me.

  3. Games

    I attended the second day with my friends. We all have one thing in common and that is being up for everything. So we tried every game and every booth at the event. The Walking Dead‘s maze-like booth was exciting while AXN‘s was challenging. The one that we enjoyed the most, however, was HOOQ’s. We climbed up the stage along with several other pairs in a test of geek knowledge! And yes, we won!

  4. Hall M

    My ticket for the exclusive Hall M APCC
    My ticket for the exclusive Hall M APCC

    This segment is the first thing that made me want to go to AsiaPOP Comicon Manila. Think of it as SDCC’s Hall H where Marvel treats the select attendees to a first look at their upcoming movie and TV series. I luckily got in as one of the first 1000 attendees to enter the hall. That year, we had a 15-minute sneak peek to the highly-anticipated, Doctor Strange. CB Cebulski also showed us some clips from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Marvel-Netflix series, Luke Cage!

    There is still no news about this year’s Hall M but I am praying to comic gods that there would be one this year! Marvel exclusively-released the trailer for 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War in SDCC. It would be great if they would do the same to their Filipino fans!

My first AsiaPOP Comicon Manila experience has been incredibly fun and memorable that I would definitely not miss it this year. I can’t wait to have my load of awesome geekiness again.

What was the highlight of your APCC experience last year? What are you hoping to see this year? Can’t wait for it? Sound off in the comments below!


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