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It's Now Easier to Bingeshop with ShopSM!

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So, Bingers. I feel like this is the nth time I’m going to tell you how much I love shopping. But as we all know, this season is not the great time to hit the mall because of the crowd! Department stores are packed and the queues for the counter get really long! I simply don’t have the patience for that. This is why I got my holiday gifts for my friends and family from online shops. They are addicting, true, but they sometimes don’t have the things I need unlike in actual department stores. The good thing is our go-to department store, The SM Store is now online via ShopSM! I tried the newly-up online store and here is my experience.

The Good and The Bad about ShopSM

Over the holidays, I was bored and stuck at home most of the time. So, between hitting the gym, watching a Netflix series, and playing Pokemon Sword on my Switch, my vacation was practically boring. Bored me does random stuff and one of which was shopping online. I have my go-to shopping apps but I recently learned about ShopSM. I am sure we are all familiar with SM Department Store or The SM Store. Now, to keep up with the online shopping trend, they also have the platform at ShopSM.com. Here are the pros and things to improve on based from my experience, as well as how to shop via the site:
  • There is a wide variety of items! It is almost The SM Store on your phone! As someone who is always on the go, I looked for backpacks at the Men’s section.
  • The UI is easy to navigate.
  • It is easy to find your needs, which in my case are backpacks.
  • There are two payment options: Card or COD.
  • You can connect your SM Advantage Card to earn points!
  • We can choose how to receive our item: pick up or delivered.
  • So far, there are only few brands to choose from.
  • More items should be on sale! 😂
  • The P 99.00 delivery fee.
  • The almost 5-day wait for the item to be available for pick-up.

How to Shop at ShopSM?

  1. Go to ShopSM.com.
  2. Login. You can do this with your Facebook or Google account.
  3. Find the items that you want to buy.
  4. You can also add them to wishlist for now.
  5. Checkout and pick between online payment or COD.
  6. Decide whether you’d want it to be delivered or would you rather pick it up at the mall.

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See, Bingers? Shopping at ShopSM is such a breeze! I can get whatever my heart desires even when I am just at home lying on my bed or having my lunch break in the office. So, what are you going to buy at ShopSM, Bingers? Let me know! 🙂
I chose to pick-up my order at the Click and Connect spot in SM Aura during my lunch break. | Experience ShopSM now! | The Little Binger
I chose to pick-up my order at the Click and Connect spot in SM Aura during my lunch break. | Experience ShopSM now! | The Little Binger

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