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REVIEW: Budget Capture Card From Lazada

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Have I told you, Bingers? The five month lockdown has made me re-evaluate my content creation plan. When everything was still normal, I was a Pop Culture x Lifestyle content creator. I regularly attended movie premieres, reviewed food establishments, and featured products. But when COVID-19 happened, that changed a lot! Particularly my pop culture side as a content creator. Events were put on hold and cinemas were closed. Movie premieres were cancelled all through out. In fact, the weekend the lockdown started, I was supposed to go to the advanced screening of A Quiet Place: Part 2 but then I received an email the day before saying that it was cancelled. To keep up with the times to still create content, I turned my eye onto vlogging and now, livestreaming my Nintendo Switch games. I did my research and every livestreamers need to have the right equipment, especially a capture card.

Capture Card on a Budget

So, before I decided to start livestreaming, I watched on YouTube different setups for Nintendo Switch. Basically, the equipment needed are: a Switch, a TV, a laptop with an OBS software, and a capture card. I have the three except for the latter. So, I looked around Lazada for capture cards. The top search and most recommended by streamers are an Elgato capture card. But it costs P 8,000! I thought, there is no way I am going to spend that much for a hobby, and an experimental one at that. So, I kept on browsing Lazada. That was until I came across a capture card that costs less than P 800! Yes, that was not a typo and I did not miss a zero. I was super skeptical but still proceeded with my purchase.

The item came all the way from China that was why the delivery took almost a month. That was fine by me because I did not have time to livestream then nor touch my Switch. When it arrived, though, I wanted to see if it worked and you can watch my unboxing and initial impression of the product below at my vlog:

Setting up The Capture Card

  1. Open the package. The items inside are the following: capture card, two USB cables, and a manual.
  2. Connect the HDMI of Switch to the Input port of the capture card.
  3. Insert an HDMI to the capture card’s output port and connect it to the TV.
  4. Use the USB and put it at the card’s USB slot and connect it to the laptop.
  5. On your OBS software, add a Video Capture Device and pick the capture card.

There you have it! That was a quick and really easy setup. To my surprise, the budget capture card from Lazada worked really well. I cannot wait to livestream soon with you guys so make sure to give us some love at our pages below! For now, stay safe and keep binging, Bingers!

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